Female Talent Only

Female Models and Actresses Direct Email Submissions: should include your Modeling Name, Age, a copy of your Government Issued Photo ID, a Contact Number (No Google Numbers Please) and or any additional other means of contacting you, your Physical Measurements (height, weight, Breast Size), your City and State. Please attach any Images of yourself that accurately Display your Physique, No Instagram Filters or Funny/Odd Angles. Fully Nude Images are Not Required but definitely will Improve your Responses and Results. Email: BlackRoseTalentManagement@gmail.com

At this time we are Only Looking for Women between the Ages of 18-25 that are either Slim, Thin, Petite, Athletic or Average Build. Although some Exceptions are made with age and physical stature for some very Dynamic Women

Or Email: BlackRoseTalentManagement@gmail.com 
with pictures of yourself.

Photographers, Producers and or Directors: Please Include your Name(s), a Contact Number and Email Address, a Functional Link to your Work, the Nature of the Project(s) you are responsible for or contribute towards and the City and State you are Located In.

Or Email: BlackRoseTalentManagement@gmail.com

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